Reinforce the flexibility of the skin, improve blood circulation (oxygenation) to target area and allowing the lymphatic system to eliminate waste and mitigate the appearance of cellulite (body sculpting).

Volto 10.7 RadioFrequency w/Light Therapy – ref# 7000

RadioFrequency (RF) is a non invasive technology that emits wavelengths of energy to produce an endothermic effect (heat) on the face and body. This energy is converted by the dermin to promote collagen formation and encourage fibroblast miigration. RF waves pass deep into the fatty skin layer causing the connective tissues to be restored and strengthened due to the increased lymphatic circulation.

This technology is therefore effective for face and body. The Volto 10.7 combines light therapy to the RF to give the licensed practitioner the ability to treat various skin and body irregularities in a more effective, but non-invasive manner.

Wrinkles, toning, photo rerejuvenationacne, stimulation of microcirculation increase oxygen supply and cell nutrition

The Rejuvenator 4000

ref# 1017 – Bio-electric rejuvenation (non-surgical face lift), Ultra-sound (skin smoothing), Photo rejuvination, Pulsatiing Vacuum Massage.

Pulsating Vacuum Massage

Creates Pulsating Vacuum Massage Creates pulsating vacuum on the skin which helps increase microcirculation (capillary network). It is a detoxifying manipulation with pulsating vacuum. This is a lightly performed downward focusing on improving circulation and the elimination of wastes within the skin surface structure.

Photo Rejuvenation System

Photo Rejuvenation System Uses LED technology to transmit certain light wavelengths to the tissues of the body. The tissues absorb light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration. It is used to decrease flaws in the face such as: wrinkles (crow’s feet), blemishes, skin redness, fine lines due to sun damage, enlarged pores and skin laxity.

Bio-Electric Rejuvenation

(Non Surgical face lift) A system of interrelated therapies, using micro currents that strengthen and tighten the connective tissues of the face and chin. This stimulation of skin tissues will improve their elasticity and general condition.

Ultra Sound

(Skin Smoothing) This system uses soothing vibration to deliver water based products to the epidermis. Ultrasound stimulates the movement of fluids found between the layers of the skin to wither remove cellular surface debris of and induce penetration for maximum hydration and cellular rehabilitation.

PanThermal, the Wellness Machine

ref# 600 – Regeneration Chamber for detoxification, weight loss, cellulite reduction & more. The ultimate in skin and body care, the PanThermal detoxifies the body and promotes true health. Comprising a 4-step procedure that automatically de-congests, oxygenates, nourishes, and invigorates the skin, the PanThermal leaves clients with a glowing sense of well-being.

The PanThermal uses iconic steam to activate detoxification
• Causes stimulation of the sweat glands, activates pores
• Causes additional sweat under higher temperatures
• Allows oxygen absoption through the skin

The PanThermal has numerous positive effects on the body
• Anti-aging effects • Detoxifying effects
• Anti-stress efects • Weight loss
• Cellulite removal • lower blood pressure and cholesterol
• Relaxation & regeneration of muscle tissues & internal organs

Sogno Hydrotherapy Tub – ref# XX6001

The state-of-the-art Sogno Hydrotherapy Tub combines three different therapies for the ultimate in relaxation, stimulation, and well-being: Hydrotherapy,
Bio-Magnetic Air, Chromotherapy

• Automatically self cleans to disinfect all 20 air jet water liones post-treatment
• Offers users relaxation and firming programs
• Treatments can be modified in order to add ozone to the air

The Sogno Hydrotherapy Tub is available in the following colors:
RED: stimulates liver & blood circulation, improves breathing, stimulates senses.
ORANGE: stimulant to thyroid gland & appetite, has positive effects on psychological conditions, including depression, apathy, pessimism, and neurosis.
YELLOW: tones muscles, improves eczema, stimulates intellect, energizes digestive system.
GREEN: relaxes & improves sight, reduces blood pressure, relieves insomnia, calms nerves & temper.
BLUE: improves blood pressure, palpitations, & asthma, assists in weight loss, antiseptic & refreshing color.
INDIGO: purifies blood, tones muscles, improves intuition, refreshing & astringent.
VIOLET: reduces anxiety & fears, has positive effects on kidney & bladder disorders as well as sciatica, anemia, epilepsy, and muscle cramps.